It was a great process, I was very satisfied with the painters. They did a good job and I was very pleased. This is the second time I've used them

Felicia R. | Chesapeake, VA
December 8, 2017

They were prompt and did a good job. Thanks.

Harry M. | Chesapeake, VA
December 7, 2017

They did a good job and I appericiate it even though the job wasn't very big.

Katherine P. | Chesapeake, VA
December 4, 2017

CertaPro Painters were very professional.

Lissette W. | Chesapeake, VA
November 28, 2017

Both men were very polite, kept us informed of their schedule, and left the property very neat every day.

Arthur B. | Chesapeake, VA
November 27, 2017

They did a good job! very efficient we are very happy with the job!

Victor F. | Suffolk, VA
November 18, 2017

On time and very good with keeping us informed and working with us

John S. | Chesapeake, VA
November 16, 2017

High quality, considerate painters

Lisa J. | Virginia Beach, VA
November 9, 2017

Fortunately, I did several walk arounds my home when I got home from work until it got dark. The painters (Armando and Brian) were very nice and polite. They actually did a great job and the paint has a really good sheen. They actually worked as late as they could to get the job done. I had gone around the back of the house and the painters did not know where I was. They asked my wife to do the walk around the home after sunset. This really made her feel like she was rushed into doing the inspection before it got so dark you could not see anything. The painters should not ask anyone to do a walk around of the exterior of a home unless you can see before sunset. When I came to the front of my home and met them, I was able to let them know I would complete the walk around. Anyway, we found that there actually was a couple of spots that were missed on my back patio door. So we will have to touch up those areas.

Bill W. | Chesapeake, VA
October 31, 2017

Everything worked out fine

Fay M. | Suffolk, VA
October 19, 2017